Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Three Plus Two Equals SIX!

I am slowly starting to put a few things aside for our upcoming vacation to the Caribbean. One little secret about me is that I am kind of obsessed with swimsuits. YUP! I love them and I don't think I will ever have enough(wink). I always like to purchase one or two new ones for our annual trip down south. One important thing to note is that I am always extremely thrifty with my swimsuit purchases. I would never ever pay full price for anything! Here is my newest beach attire.
Roxy and Victoria Secrets Swimsuits
I purchase the turquoise top/bottom and stripped top during Victoria Secrets semi annual sale right after x-mas. The black one is from Roxy's extra 40% off sale items event (free shipping too) a month or so ago.
With these five new pieces I can mix and match to create SIX different swimsuit combos. For me it's important to have lots of choices so finding swim pieces that complement each other is key.
Beach attire
I picked up the flip flops from Gap at their extra 40% of EVERYTHING sale last weekend.
Striped Flip Flops
With the crazy winter we have been having an escape to the beach cannot come quick enough!

Here we come sunshine!