Monday, 16 March 2015

My Philosophy

I recently re-ordered both of these two philosophy cleansing products. Not long after I ran out I soon realized how much my skin needs these. I quickly re-ordered and I am happy to have them back on my shelf. I know I have talked about these before but it seems like such a long time ago. The fact that I am still happy with the results says a lot about these two cleansers.
There is something so wonderful and fantastic about the micro delivery exfoliating wash. It is gentle yet so very effective. It helps to get rid of any dry patchy skin and keeps my skin looking clear. After it's use my skin feels extremely clean, refreshed and soft. I typically use this once every other day.
In between the micro delivery wash I use Purity. What I like about this cleanser is the fact that I can use it to gently remove makeup from my eyes as well as my face. It is so gentle and effective and does not strip the skin of it's natural moisture. I think it would be great for all skin types.
These two products used alternately leave my skin glowing, soft, exfoliated and perfectly cleansed. If you have not tried any of these, I do suggest you get on the philosophy train. Once you're on it you won't want to get off (wink). Sephora offers a really cute little trial size duo ( 2 oz each) of both cleansers for $18. Once you're done and decided you want the full size you can re-fill the little bottles and use for travel. Win, win!

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