Tuesday, 2 December 2014

DIY Window Frame Mirror

A few years back we switch out most of the windows in our 70's bungalow home. A few of them were the old wooden frames so we hung onto them. It was not until recently that we decided to actually do something with one of them.

This is our masterpiece:
We did this by using the rust-oleum mirror effect spray paint. You begin by taping the backside of your project so you don't get paint on the wooden part. With this paint you spray the opposite side that you want to show.

In a well ventilated space apply several thin coats of paint letting it dry for a couple minutes in between.The directions say to apply 5-6 coats and it also recommends to finish with a matte black afterwards. We did this but I do not think we had enough coats on because it created an antiqued effect when we did this. I actually like the effect that happened by accident, but if you don't want this I recommend skipping the matte black step (wink).

Here is a window similar to the one we painted it:

Here is a picture of the product we used. The only place I could find it was Home Depot.
Have you done any projects with this mirror paint?

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  1. That mirror paint looks interesting! It gives wonderful effect to the view of the window. What you did brought out a wonderful scenery on your window. It is indeed a masterpiece. Thanks for sharing that wonderful idea, Angela! All the best to you!

    Lynne Hollaran @ Suburban Glass