About Me

Here is a wee bit about me.

First and foremost, I am a Wife and a Mother. I married my "soul mate" and we have two amazing children that we share an amazing love for. We live in Eastern Canada.

I enjoy summers, reading, dancing, cooking, vacationing and I live for the weekends! I love loud music, movies and great food. I also enjoy camping in the summer and I always look forward to spending time with my girlfriends! I pride myself on keeping my home neat, tidy and extremely organized, (my husband may have differing opinions on this, aka borderline obsessive). I did a massive purge and completed the forty bags in forty days challenge which released us of a lot of clutter. (such a good feeling)

Although I have always been relatively healthy, I decided to make some changes this past year. I began working out (go Jillian) and making healthier food choices for myself and my family. I am also very interested in skin care and natural looking makeup techniques. I find myself more concerned with what I put on my skin the older I get. I am slowly incorporating more natural products in our lives.

This blog is about me and the many things that I love and enjoy! Join me on my road to feeling good from the inside out, making things simple, and loving life.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog! I do hope you enjoy!

That's me!

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