Wednesday, 1 October 2014


So here is the deal-lio. We have this wooden wall that connects the kitchen to the living room.  It is very good quality wood and definitely gives it that rustic feel, but it's not our cabin/cottage, it's our home. I have been wanting to "improve" it for quite some time now. My hubby on the other hand loves it. What is with guys and wood? Geeez!  Here is the the dark, wooden wall.
My first idea is to simply paint it a cream color. That would definitely brighten it up a lot. It would still look cool because it would have the"wainscoting" effect from the panels too.
 This would give you an idea of the concept. (source)

My other option is to "white wash" the wall to give it that shabby chic effect that I love. This would brighten things up a bit but still have the grain of the wood shine through.
Here is an example: (source)
A clear tutorial and helpful tips on how to give wood a bright, beautiful whitewash... at
These are my two contenders. What effect do you think we should go with? Any other suggestions?

Stay tuned.....Operation brighten wooden wall is underway.


  1. I think I like the option 1 better. I feel it will be a better fit with your existing décor.

  2. Option 1, gives a classy look and would look great with ur decor.

    1. Thanks for your advice. I totally agree. Take care!