Monday, 23 February 2015

Date Night!

My husband and I don't have many "date nights" at this stage of our busy lives, but occasionally when we do we make the most of it. One thing I have learned to appreciate is the importance of making time for US! Well.....this past Saturday hubby and I ventured out for a night on the town kid-less, as we joke!

Marriage is the foundation of a family. Just like the foundation that keeps your house strong, a healthy marriage keeps the family strong. I am certainly no expert in relationships but I do know marriage takes work and relationships that get lazy often suffer.

My husband and I cherish every minute we have with our children. We work full time and have busy lives and look forward to the weekends. I miss my kids when I am apart from them, and I often feel guilty when I do have to go out. One thing I have learned is to never forget the importance of US (husband and wife) time too. Our love is the reason for all the wonderful things we have been blessed with.
Moral of the story, never lose yourselves or your spark in the ciaos of children, work etc. Always make time for yourselves, listen to one another and focus on your foundation.  Plan that DATE!

"Love Is The Flower You've Got To Let Grow" 
-John Lennon


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