Friday, 27 February 2015

Be the ONE!

It only takes ONE spark to start a fire and they say it only takes SIX seconds to brighten someone's day. This could be holding the door for someone, saying hello, letting someone ahead of you in line etc. If we all just made it a priority to practice the SIX second act of kindness think of the positive impact this would have on the world. It is an awesome feeling to help others but what is more amazing is the effect it has on others. Someone that has been the product of a random act of kindness will generally turn around and in some way or form, reciprocate the act of kindness shown to them. It is the best chain reaction ever.

Here is a video I found on YouTube that is the perfect example of this amazing cause and effect. 

Start the domino effect! It only takes ONE and that ONE could be YOU!
Kindness is contagious, help to spread it all around!


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