Monday, 2 March 2015

So Long Target!

As you know, Target is closing it's doors forever in Canada. The USA chain came to Canada a couple of years ago but failed to pull in enough of a profit to stay. As a result of the stores closing everything is now being marked down for clearance. I actually really enjoyed shopping at Target so I am pretty bummed to see them go.

I was at Target this past weekend and saw discounts of 20% - 40% on everything. The main reason for my visit was to pick up a new pair of sunglasses for our upcoming trip. I was happy to see the glasses were all marked down by 40%. I picked up these snazzy shades. I fell in love with the unique shape!

The next best deal right now is the cosmetics, most everything is marked down 30%. I picked up a couple of things for relatively cheap. My last (sob, sob) Target haul includes a brow pencil (Sonia Kashuk) and brow kit (NYX) and a couple of new Essie polishes (my favorite polish brand).

It's been fun while it lasted Target. Thanks for fueling my shopping experience with Starbucks and emptying my wallet with your great sense of style. You will be missed!

Anyone else kinda bummed?

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  1. I love Target... I am sad that they are closing. I also had the chance to go recently. I bought a wallet, a cozy sweater,a tank top and a big candle holder for $20.00.It made my day.