Thursday, 16 October 2014

These boots were made for rocking.....

In Eastern Canada we have been blessed with an unusually warm fall this year. It is so wonderful, I just hope it continues on until November to keep Winter away as long as possible. (Not a cold fan)
Due to the warmer conditions I have still been able to wear some of my Spring and Summer clothing without having to dig too deep for Fall wear. I really haven't even felt the need to purchase any "new" fall items as of yet either (surprisingly). I usually like to wait until we are well into a season to buy a couple of new pieces anyways (on sale, of course).

One thing I was lacking though was a pair of booties. (my feet were starting to get a little cool in my flats) I found these a couple weeks ago for $16.00 (on sale) at Aldo. Last pair in burgundy, means meant to be in my books. They have a little heel and are super comfy and I love the little bit of rocker bling on the side. Grrrrr.
My youngest daughter needed some new shoes as well. We made a trip to Target last week to pick out some new sneaks and she spotted these and immediately had to try them on. She told me "these are running shoes mommy" and ran up and down the aisles. I bought them for her and she has not stopped running since, lol.
It is a short work week for Canadians due to theThanksgiving holiday but to me these short weeks tend to feel like longer weeks. Good luck trying to figure that one out (wink).

Have a Happy Thursday!


  1. Ooh I love the booties. I should head to ALDO as soon as possible. I haven't seen studs too much this season, so it's a great shoe to spice things up. :] // ☼ ☯

    1. Thanks for your comment Carmen! These boots definitely have a bit of edge to them which I like. Thanks for checking out my blog. Take care.

  2. I always forget about Aldo, I need to stop in ASAP. Thanks for always being so sweet on my blog!! It doesn't go unnoticed!! :)