Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Back from the Bay Bye

We arrived back from our trip to Sydney, Cape Breton (Nova Scotia) early last night. It was a fun filled, action packed trip that included a beautiful wedding, a surprise birthday party, the best chai latte ever (Wentworth Cafe, downtown Sydney) a speeding ticket (courtesy of my heavy footed husband), a family reunion of sorts and lots of giggling cousins.

I am still trying to get things organized, washed and put away around here so in the meantime here are a few pictures from our trip.
 Sydney boardwalk.
The largest fiddle in the world!
Which way would you go? 
Stunning colors of fall.
Beautiful fishing town of Main-a-Dieu.

Most Canadians love their Tim Horton's but I do think the award goes to Cape Bretoners. They have an extra strong affection for the Canadian owned coffee company then any other I have seen. With our "Timmies" stops along the way I developed a new found love for their "Pumpkin Spiced Tea". Let me me tell you, it is amazing! It is everything I love about fall transformed into a warm hot drink. Love.....Love.....Love (to the Beatles tune)

 Hope to be back on track soon. 


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    1. Thanks so much! Hard to not take a good a picture when you are surrounded by such beauty (wink). Thanks for commenting, it means a lot! Take care.

  2. Lovely pictures your blog is lovely i will be looking again

    1. Hope you do :) Thanks so much for commenting Lauren. xx