Friday, 26 September 2014

The Silliness of September

The month of September has been very busy. With back to school, changes in temperature, dance class start up, and various obligations this month has been a wild one. Here are the mostly highs, and some lows and even some funny mentionable events of September.
Fall tree
Well school has been great. I did in fact purchase the laptop lunch system and I have to say I couldn't be happier with it. If you could see into my Tupperware drawer you would fully understand the need for this kind of lunch system. The laptop lunch has its own containers, lids etc and it all fits perfectly into the box, which fits perfectly into the canvas lunch box. Brilliant I tell you. The wow butter(soy butter) did not go over well with my peanut butter fanatic girl, but we have found a new love for plain ham sandwiches, woohoo.  My husband nearly fell off his chair when my oldest daughter came home from school and told him she had five boyfriends. Oh boy, here we go…….

Dance class has started up again for the year. This is the first time my youngest gets to dance as well.  My daughters are in different classes so we have to go early Saturday morning for my youngest and then back again early afternoon for my oldest.  Last Saturday I somehow managed to convince myself that my oldest daughter’s class was at 1:30 (suppose to be 1:00) so we showed up just in time for dance class to wrap up. And the best Mom award goes to……. (wink).

So I defiantly have a lot on my brain these days trying to keep everyone's schedule straight. In my mad dash out the door I realized after returning home that I had my sweater inside out the whole time at the mall. Another time I had my nylon jacket inside out the whole time at the grocery store, lol.  That just goes to show where my head has been.

The weather has quickly changed over to fall-like at rapid speeds this year in the East Coast. For me this is the hardest part, adjusting to the colder temps. I freeze the first couple of weeks and then my body seems to adjust slightly.  All I have to say is hallelujah to heated car seats!

It’s always a chore transitioning the kids clothing from season to season. I have two girls so the clothing gets passed down which requires storing till the youngest fits into it. We are also grateful to receive hand me downs from two sources for my oldest. Some of this I have to store for a different season or when she grows into them.  I am extremely appreciative for the clothing although it is a “job” trying to keep it all straight.

So lots on the go and lots to look forward to for October. We will be doing some traveling and also busy getting ready for Halloween (one of our favorite holidays).
What does October have in store for you?


  1. great blog girl!!

    1. Thanks Francesca, it means a lot! This blog bring my oodles of joy! Thanks for checking it out!

  2. Such beautiful pictures. We are just starting to see the signs of spring where I am so that is really lovely.

    1. Thanks so much Imogen. Fall is always gorgeous in Eastern Canada. Hope you are enjoying the wonderful signs of spring in your part of the world.