Monday, 15 September 2014

Harvest Done Right!

Fredericton pulls in some amazing musical acts from all over the world for the Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival.  Each year the festival gets better and better and this year was no exception to that trend. The festival began on Thursday and is scattered all around downtown with the two biggest tents being closest to the river.

I always look forward to this festival and wait on the edge of my seat till they announce the musical acts throughout the year leading up to spring and summer. We took our kids Saturday morning to see Scotty and the Stars, which is a really awesome kids band. For those that are not familiar with this group they have been featured on kids CBC and won several music awards. The kids and I always look forward to boogieing to the action-filled catchy and educational tunes of Scotty.

One thing that was really cool was the instrument petting zoo. Yes you read right, it was a tent set up that housed several musical instruments you could try. They also offered face painting, workshops and buskers to entertain people. Lots of fun for all ages.
Harvest Jazz and Blues

For my hubby and I the real fun happens in the evening after we drop the kids off at Grandma's for the night (wink). This year we chose to buy a party pass that allowed us to stay in the biggest Moose Light tent for the entire night, which meant four different bands.

The first band was The Revivalist's who came all the way from Louisiana. They had a real funky, rock-like sound to them. This was a perfect start to the night.  Following them was Chris Robinson Brotherhood (you might all remember or know Chris from the Black Crows and once upon a time being married to actress Kate Hudson) than Moe, ending the night with the afterburner, Galactic. Moe and Galactic offered a more jam band funk sound. My dancing shoes definitely got a great workout.
Harvest Jazz and Blues

Part of the fun of Harvest is running into people you rarely see. Sometimes this is the only place I see them, once a year. It's always nice to see familiar faces! Big hugs to all those that I was lucky enough to run into and spend time with.

As you know we have two small children and we don't get out as much as we used to. But when we do get the chance we don't hold back, we go all out. Give me live music and place to dance and I am in my element! Was I suffering yesterday as a result? You got it! We did have a ball though! Well worth the pain (wink).
Well done Fredericton! Can't wait until next year! Till then....


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    1. Thanks, it always is...... Take care and thanks for checking out my blog. xx

  2. Harvest was fun indeed. Great music and good friends always equal fun guaranteed! For me, summer is now officially over. Now it is time to think fall clothes shopping! ;)

    1. Yes M-Eve, I agree now it definitely feels like summer is over. Thanks for commenting, hope to see you soon! xo