Saturday, 13 September 2014

Fall Fashion

So originally I was going to to pick a few things from a bunch of different stores but when I started looking at the H&M site I was completely smitten and had to include all these little gems.  
Here they are:

1. H&M Leather Messenger Bag - $129.00 2. H&M Joggers -$29.95 3. H&M Patterned Trousers -$34.95 4. H&M Knitted Tube Scarf -$12.95  5. H&M Short Necklace -$12.95  6.  H&M Top in a Linen Mix (striped) -$19.95 7.  H&M Wedge Heel Boot- $39.95  8.  H&M Lace Blouse -$34..95 9. H&M Cardigan in a Knitted Print -$39.95 10.  H&M Metallic Skirt -$34.95 11. H&M Figure Fit Jacket -$59.95        
                      I am totally in love with this cozy outfit for fall.
I totally NEED this bag. I haven't said that since I got my Juicy.
 And this.... love the jacket!
Fall Fashion 2014 by DavidaMichelle
And how cute is this?.... don't put those rompers away quite yet.
Fall Fashion 2014. Wide brimmed hat, floral romper, black tights, chunky infinity scarf, and the best brown fall leather boots
What's your fall look?


  1. There's so many pieces I want in H&M at the moment, I went and had a look yesterday and had to leave before I spent every penny in my bank account! :) I love all three of the looks that you've posted!
    emmerliejay x

    1. Hey thanks for your comment. I agree lots of great things happening at H&M lately.

  2. Ooh I love the look of the blush pink H&M blouse x x

    Gemma |