Friday, 1 August 2014

Signing off for a few!

I just love Summer! I think I may have mentioned that a few times in the last month or so (wink). I am not a huge fan of the cold weather so I enjoy every second of the warmth and sunshine while it's here.  I am taking a few days off from the blog to spend some quality time with family we have not seen in far too long!  They flew in last night and I cannot tell you how excited we all are!

I wanted to leave you with a little Summer inspiration.  

With the weather being a bit humid  I like to get my hair out my face and off my neck. I have attempted this double bun twice now. It's easier then it looks. Just separate your hair into two sections (top and bottom). Make two pony tails, one on top of the other.  Take each ponytail and wrap it around the base using several bobby pins to keep it in place. Repeat these steps with the second ponytail and VOILA! Give it a good spray and your good to go.

My other favorite is my hat. Nothing says summer and beach like this puppie!

Fashionable yet functional!



  1. I've nominated you for a Liebster award :) Link here:


    1. Hi Dee, thanks so much for the nomination! I am just back from vacation and still trying to get myself organized. I hope to be able to do this in the next few days. Thanks for thinking of moi!