Wednesday, 13 August 2014

A Whale Tale!

Well vacation is over and I am slowly starting to get back into the groove of things around here again. My plan is to devote the next couple of posts to share with you some of the highlights of our great East Coast vacation.

Earlier in the summer we were thrilled to learn that our family from Ontario was planning on flying out to spend some time with us. They are not so familiar  to the Maritimes so I really wanted to share some authentic Maritime experiences with them. We decided to book a trip on the Jolly Breeze. Seriously, what's more Maritime than heading out to sea on a sail boat?
Our first morning together as a family of nine we headed down some windy, less-traveled roads (wink) to the seaside village of St. Andrews to embark on our Atlantic sea journey. The skies were foggy and the air was cool. We thought it might be a rather damp and chilly adventure although twenty minutes into the trip the skies opened and the sun shone. This wonderful change in weather made it the perfect day to be at sea.
After a forty-five minute gorgeous scenic boat ride out into the Bay of Fundy we were thrilled to see three whales, along with lots of porpoises and seals all along the way.  It really is amazing to see these giant sea creatures in there natural habitat with your own eyes.  The anticipation of  the whales cresting onto the surface of the water is extremely thrilling. They are incredibly majestic to watch. The beauty of it all almost takes your breath away.
The Jolly Breeze is a fantastic tour filled with great activities for the young and the young at heart. The kids began their whale journey by dressing up in pirate costumes.  They also get up close and personal with some sea creatures with an on-board touch tank. The captain gets volunteers to help raise the mass and the kids get their faces painted in the cabin below. We were all served a hot bowl of delicious chowder and the kids even got to steer the ship all by themselves (icing on the cake).
This was a great experience. The kids had a ball. This is my third trip to see the whales and I would guess it will not be my last. The Jolly Breeze has not seen the last of our family, we hope to make this a tradition and share this experience with more friends and family that come to visit, any takers?

Stay tuned to see more of our East Coast adventure.


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