Friday, 25 July 2014

Stay Home Days

My daughters and I have got into the habit of calling weekends "stay home days". When the  girls were younger they would have trouble with the names and days of the week so,"stay home days" just stuck.

The girls and I have enjoyed a week long stretch of "stay home days" as I am taking some vacation time. We have been having fun going to the beach and enjoying  lots of ice cream. I can't believe the week is almost over though. Time sure flies when your having fun!

I thoroughly enjoyed staying super casual this week with minimal makeup and with what my daughter called this morning "messy hair". Little does she know I am actually attempting the beach kissed hair look, ha ha.

I have been achieving this "messy" look by washing my hair at night and letting it air dry a bit. Once it is just a bit damp I put it into a french braid and sleep on it all night. In the morning, I take out the braid and run my fingers through it. I then use a comb to tease my roots a bit to add a  little volume at the base. I then distribute a few sprays of Lush Sea Spray throughout my hair.  I kind of scrunch it in with my hands and this is what I get, fuss-free easy hair that only gets better as the day goes on (wink).

Wishing you all many lovely "stay home days"!

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  1. Your hair looks so lovely! I really need to try some of the Lush hair products xxx

    Gemma //