Saturday, 14 June 2014

My Style! Top Ten Fashion Favorites!

 I will start by saying I certainly do not consider myself a fashion expert in the least, nor a photographer. Although... I will say that I kind of dance to the beat of my own drum in terms of style and fashion. I really enjoy following and watching the latest fashion trends. Once in a while I will pick something up if I like it but I do not necessarily buy something because I want to be on trend, I buy it because I feel drawn to it. 

Honestly as a mother of two I am pretty casual most of the time, although I do love getting dressed up for the handful of special occasions throughout the year. Now that the weather has warmed up I am wearing a lot of skirts and dresses. My favorite fashion season is definitely summer, hands down!

Here are my current top ten fashion pieces.

1.Black leather Jacket - As you can see from the pictures I am still rocking' my black leather jacket. I have a very strong love for this puppy as you can see. 
2. Stripes - I am super drawn to strips, all colors, all items, you name it, bring on the stripes!
3.Plain black dresses with my bright flats and accessories- Loving the bright pop of color with a neutral. 
4.Jeans - Blue, red and pink you name it. Skinny, straight leg, ankle whatever, love either dressing them up or down.
5. Stretchy pencil skirts from Dynamite, see earlier post- I purchased two of these one black, one black and white striped. They are so comfy.  I can throw on either a colored t-shirt or blouse with each them. The possibilities are endless. These are great staple for work!
6. Snake skin colored aviators -I picked these up from target. I am so picky when it comes to sunglasses. It was love at first sight when I saw these though. Very me!
7. T-shirts with crochet details, see earlier post- I have two that I have been wearing religiously, one bright yellow and one pink with strips. Super cute, comfy and very easy to wear.
8. Tourquoise choker statement necklace- I recently dug this out. I bought this 10 years ago. Loved it back then and still loving it now. Goes great with my bright blue flats.
9. Flip flops - Yup, it's that time of year. I love slipping these on, I constantly wear them around the house. Oh how I have missed you flip flops.
10. White pants - I believe I have til Sept 1st to sport these, ha ha. I am simply loving white lately, not just the pants but everything. It is just so crisp, clean and fresh looking. I am on a mission to find the perfect white crochet/lace top

I have to tell you this post was slightly painful to do. I am not usually one to put myself in the spotlight. I do have to say however the process was kind of cathartic and liberating in a way (wow, that's a little deep eh?). Anyways.... I would appreciate your honest thoughts on this type of post. I'll either do one of these once a month or.....I'll ditch the idea all together. Either way, life is way too short to not try new things!
What's your favorite summer fashion item lately?

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  1. Love that teal coloured necklace. Very current, amazing that you 'dug it out'. My favorite attire right now is wearing my teal coloured golf skirt. (Cause it means I'm going golfing)