Friday, 9 May 2014

"Spring" in my step

Well  I think it is finaaaallllly here!  SPRING has sprung!

It was the winter that would not go away. The snow started in November and stayed  right until the end of April.

I swear, I have never been more happier to see the snow melt and the air warm. The birds are singing which means I am now too! I live for the spring and summer!

It always brings me so much joy to pull out the spring/summer clothes.  I am really not a winter lover so I do not invest a lot of money into my winter clothing. Because of this, by the end of the season I am sooooo sick and tired of wearing the same things, over and over and over again.........

 Time to smell the tulips!  Time to shed the layers and show and off  those pasty winter whites (ha ha)!
Time to put away those winter boots! Time to shop!

 I went shopping a couple of weeks ago to find some spring deals. What did I get?  Well...... I got two very chic and comfy pencil skirts from Dynamite ($20 each, reg. $29),  4 t-shirts from H&M ( 2 @ $6 and 2 @ $12), love them all.

So with my new skirts, and shirts, my feet were begging for some attention.  I found a pair of gorgeous pastel blue flats that are just so sweet, I could not resist.  These were bought at Ardene's and were two pairs for $20.  I also bought a pair of black flats.

All this for ONLY $96 bucks!  You cannot beat that price for 4+ outfits!  I love a good deal and do not normally spend  large amounts of money on new clothes. I am one of those head to the clearance table kind-of gals.

Here are some pictures of my new found beauties!!!

Hope you are all enjoying the wonderful things that come with spring.

xo Angela

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