Friday, 20 June 2014

Good Old Fashioned Fun!

My girls love playing with cardboard boxes. No matter how many toys the kids have a cardboard box has always provided countless hours of imaginary fun. When they were very young the box and paper were so much more fascinating then the actual "expensive" toy inside. Isn't that the truth? 
A couple of weekends ago my husband brought three giant boxes home. We set them up on the lawn, cutout some windows and doors and attached the three boxes together. They played for hours with this and when they got board we turned it upside down into a boat.
 It's play like this that is so important for kids.  Not only does it allow them to think creatively but it "unplugs" them from our technology crazed world. I enjoy seeing what there imaginations can do and helping them to discover there own unique creativeness.
As a blast from the past, I decided to make some good ol' fashioned Rice Krispies squares the other day.  You really forget how good they are until you bite into one of these sticky, gooey, buttery classics. 
I made these for my daughter's class but thought they could use some "fancying up". I grabbed a piping bag and filled it with some pink icing and finished with some colored sprinkles on top. Amazing what a little icing and sprinkles can do.

How do you hang onto the good ol' days?

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