Saturday, 7 June 2014

Game Changers

So here is the dealio, I have to tell you about two new (to me) products that I am over the moon in awe over.  I just had to mention them in a post all their own.

1. Anastasia Beverly Hills- Brow Wiz - Skinny Brow Pencil - Well if you were born in the 80s chances are your eyebrows are scarred for life as a result of some pretty heavy duty over plucking in the 90s. Big brows were a no no and now people like myself are stuck with sparse, skinny brows from the effects of that silly trend. Well now the "natural" look is in style many products have come out to help individuals like myself camouflage there sparse brows.

 I started "fixing" my brows a couple of years ago. I used a brow pencil from the drugstore and was somewhat satisfied with the results although I kept hearing about the Anastasia brow pencil. Well I finally caved, I had to try and boy am I every glad I did. This little beauty is so fantastic. It really puts my oldie to shame (fit for the pit - remember that 80s show). This brow pencil allows you to make the most precise hair-like effects. It is easy to use and seems to last all day. I am officially converted. If you fill in your brows this is a must for the most natural look, I promise!

2. My second amazing find is  LaVanila- The Healthy Deodorant - Now I have tried a lot of natural deodorants in the last year and either they are to heavily fragranced or they just don't cut it.  This deodorant is so nice, it passed the jog test and it smells amazing. I ordered the pure vanilla but they also have vanilla grapefruit, vanilla summer, vanilla lavender and fresh vanilla lemon (all natural of course). I have the lavender vanilla sitting in my Sephora cart just waiting to be purchased. I bought the travel size for $13 although regret not buying the larger one for $17. This deodorant is aluminium free and contains no harsh chemicals which is right up my alley.
LAVANILA - The Healthy Deodorant

What is your newest "don't know how you ever lived without it" find?


  1. I've never tried or even heard of any of these before, I must be doing something wrong!
    I grapefruit version of the healthy deodorant sounds interesting, I'll look into it.
    Followed your blog btw and I look forward to reading your future posts :)
    | | Dreams Of New York | |

    1. Thanks so much for your comment! Yes I am loving this deodorant, it works great for me. Check it out for sure! Glad to hear your enjoying and following my blog, thanks again.