Sunday, 1 June 2014

Drug Store Adventures (#3)

I picked up a few L'Oreal products on sale this week!  

  1. L'Oreal - Nail Color - Now you can sea me -I am really loving the pastel trend, can you tell? This light blue jem caught my eye and at $3.99 I could not resist. The color is really pretty. It is a little streaky when applied but evened out by the second coat.  This would be really cute on the toes too! 
  2. L'Oreal - Nail Color - Tangerine Crush- What do you do when you see two colors that you like and you can't decide which one to get? Buy them both. This is the color in the picture below.  It is a coral pink shade. I like it a lot. Glad I got them both. (wink, wink)
  3. L'Oreal Color Riche - Lipstick - Wisteria Rose-  This color is bright rosy pink. It is a bit darker then what I originally thought, but I still like it. My only complaint is the taste. It has a really lipsticky taste if you know what I mean. I am wearing this lipstick in this post (both pictures). It seems to last really well once applied.
  4. L'Oreal Color Riche - Lipstick - Peach Fuzz -  Again my rule came into play here as well. Liked two, bought two, although only should have bought one. These were on sale though (my excuse). This is a shimmery nude peach color. This looked good on my hand in the store but turns out it is not a great match for my skin tone. Oh well, some you win, others you lose.  I may end up giving this one away. Any takers.....????

I guess this was an ode to L'Oreal week.

What's L'Oreal products are in your makeup bag?


  1. Tangerine Crush looks gorgeous!! My kind of shade...must take a look at it :)

    Yasmeen x

  2. Lovely colors for summer!