Sunday, 11 May 2014

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day Everyone!

My two little girls have brought me more joy in my life than I couldn't have ever even imagined.  Yes, there   are tough times to being a Mother, but the joys definitely out weight the challenges. My girls are my breath, my heart beat, and my inner song. They are my everything!

My heart goes out to those that may have lost there Mother, and also to those that are struggling to become one.  This might be a day that acts as a reminder of what is missing or lost. This may be a day of sorrow.  For those of you in these situations, my thoughts are with you all. xo

Mother's Day for me, is about appreciation.

It was not until I got into my twenties that I was able to truly reflect upon what my Mother had, and still continues to do for me. I am so proud of the strength, courage and determination she has shown over the years. Her loving, gentle, kind spirit always lights up even the darkest days.  Her strong work ethic, commitment and passion for life continues to amaze me every day.  Her beauty radiates from the inside out. 

She is my hero!

 My wish is that I can learn to apply the wisdom she has taught me over the years, and to pass these onto my girls. I  hope I can continue to inspire my own children the way she has inspired me.

To the best Mother, ever. Thank you! I love you!

Me and my Mom.


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