Saturday, 21 March 2015

New Jewels!

There is something to say about a sign that says 3 for $15 or, 5 for $10. This is the way Ardene store`s reel you in, or it did for me anyways (wink). I have never been a huge jewelry wearing kind-of -gal, until recently.

Last weekend my daughter and I went to the mall and poked our heads into the Ardene store. This turquoise necklace caught my eye. The price tag on the necklace was $18 but the sign above it said 3 for $15. SO...I either had to pay $18 for one, or I could get 3 necklaces for $3 cheaper than just one, hummmmmm let`s think about that one for a minute.

Here is the three that I decided on:

I am sure there is some weird marketing science behind it all. Heck it worked for me!!

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