Monday, 12 January 2015


Parenting is not always an easy job. Quite often I find myself questioning the way I parent, did I say the right thing? Did I act the right way? My goal is to raise two girls that are kindhearted, respectful, loving and honest givers. Our family motto is BE SILLY, BE KIND, BE HONEST! While it's important for me to teach the girls to be caring it is also important to teach them to be silly and have fun too!

As parents we work hard to teach our children the qualities we feel are important. When we begin to see these qualities and attributes naturally flow out of our children it's pretty awesome. This is what my oldest daughter recently gave me. It is strangely on coffin shaped paper but it's the words that are written on it that really matter.

The left one says Mom I love you every time I look at you, and the other Happy New Year Mom, I love you. This is just two of the six notes I have accumulated. I have started writing her little notes back as well.

She did this on her own and it's truly a refection of the amazing young girl she is. This is proof that we must be doing something right(wink). Moral of the story...... eventually you will get to enjoy the magic moments making the bumps in the road, time, frustrations and few gray hairs all well worth it. I promise!

My girls are my world and because of this I choose not to mention their names or show pictures of them on here for their safely. Believe me, if I was 100% sure there was no risk I would plaster this blog with nothing but tidbits and pictures all about them. There are some wonderful blogs that I follow that focus primarily on their children but for me to rest my head peacefully at night, I choose not to.

I am one proud Mama!

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