Wednesday, 14 January 2015

New Year Renewals

It's that time of year again when we break out the ol' workout videos and swear ourselves off anything deep fried. It's New Year's renewal time! I know I am especially motivated this time of year to make some healthy changes.

My family and I began the New Year by booking our annual trip to Cuba (woohoo). With the -36C temperatures we have been having in Eastern Canada, Cuba is sounding pretty darn great!
So all girls know that you can't possibly go away without one, two or possibly three (wink) new bathing suits. Sooooo immediately after the trip was booked I went straight to the Victoria Secret website and spent some time going through the semi-annual sale. Needless to say I was successful in finding a few items I liked.

So now that the trip is booked and the bathing suit is ordered it's time to get beach ready if you know what I mean. I have always been quite petite but these past couple of months of late night munching has left me feeling a bit on the sluggish side. It's time to tone up!

Here is my plan:

My healthy goals are to stop eating after dinner which has actually been really hard. The weird thing is it's not that I am hungry, it's just soooo fun and enjoyable. I am doing pretty good with this goal, I starting drinking tea and that kind of gives me something to do with myself in the evenings.  I have allowed myself one cheat night, Monday BACHELOR night.  I am a huge fan of this show and I think this season's going to be quite entertaining.

I have also started exercising again. I am not brave enough to run in this crazy cold weather so I have broke out my Jillian Michaels and also YouTube for Zumba. If you love to dance Zumba is for you! If I only have a short amount of time I will do some short targeted toning videos by "Tone It Up"on YouTube as well. If you have not seen any of these videos I highly suggest you check it out. These girls do workouts directly on the beach, what more motivation could you ask for than that?
When making health related New Year goals it's best to kind of ease into a plan. Start small and make your goals achievable. I think the worst thing a person can do is set their expectations to high. When the bar is to high you will fail and when you fail you most likely will quit.

If you make a bad choice or have a  bad day, it's OK. Start over! A good friend of mine once said "If you have one flat tire you don't go around and slash the other three do you?"

Wishing you all a very healthy and happy New Year!


  1. Lovely :)

  2. We are headed to Cabo next month and I am in desperate need of new swimsuits. Why didn't I think of VS semi-annual sale. Hopefully they still have some left. And I am right there with you on the health kick...I hate the gym...but no more excuses! :)

    1. Yes I agree, hard to get the ball rolling again. A beach vacation in the future definitely helps with the motivation though. Thanks for your comment Shanna.