Tuesday, 27 January 2015

PC Cooking Class.

Winter got you down? Feeling a little caged in? Well let me introduce you to my fun little night out! PC Cooking school! I know what you are thinking.......Fun? Really? YES!

It's more like a dinner club and it's held once a week in the evenings. You walk in and grab a seat, then help yourself to tea or coffee. After this sit back, relax and prepare to watch and learn how to cook an amazing meal.

Once the cooking is complete you are then served the two or three course meal. They also provide you with all the recipes to take home. While the chefs are cooking you are free to ask questions and they also offer lots of tips and tricks. It's a very informal, relaxed and casual atmosphere.

It's a wonderful break from the norm. The classes are now posted online for the next few months, you can go on and see what meals interest you. Some nights are seafood, some International, Italian and my favorite the Indian delights.  All are fab and leave your belly happy and your mind inspired. Well worth the $20 it costs to attend! You simply sign up online or by calling (see link below).

Here are some pictures from the last class I attended, Northern Indian Delights, Part 1. You can see there is a mirror placed above the counter so you can see everything the chefs are doing.
Above is Dhaba Dal Makhani (lental and red kidney bean soup). Soooo yummy

Adraki Murgh (chicken infused ginger). YUM!
 Navratan Korma (curry of veggies, fruits and nuts), served with Naan. Delish!

Click here to see upcoming classes.

Although you are out enjoying a meal and some peace quiet you are also learning meals that you can share with your family. No guilt here! Win, win! (wink)


  1. I've been to supper clubs before but I'm usually just the guest so never been cooking like this! This looks really fun! x


    1. It is sooo much fun! I am sure they have something similar in your area. Thanks for your comment!

  2. I would so love to attend cooking classes, it would be amazing. Those dishes look incredible xx

    Gemma | missmakeupmagpie.com

  3. Wow, great recipes you have shared here. I loved the most is Adraki Murgh (chicken infused ginger). I love chicken and I try to make it in unique way every time. This seems quite different recipe for me. Can I join your PC online cooking classes? I would love to learn cooking every cuisine.

    1. Hi thanks for your comment. The classes are Presidents Choice cooking classes held at our local super market, not online. You watch the chefs cook then they serve it to you in the community room. I am sure if you look into it there is probably something similar in your area. Thanks again!