Friday, 30 January 2015

Friday Update (plus an amazing video)

Sorry, I know my posts have not been as frequent lately. This month has been a wild one! My job has been very busy. I have been working on the creation of an internal blog for us to use at work. It launches next Monday, and I am pretty excited about this!

Family life has been kind of crazy and took an unexpected twist. My Stepfather was placed into a long term care facility. He has Alzheimer's, and in the last couple of months the devastating and cruel effects of this disease increased significantly. We are all adjusting to this transition.

Trying to fit everything into a day that I want to accomplish has become a bit of a challenge. I am extremely happy to see that the days are actually starting to get a bit longer though. It is now daylight opposed to pitch black when we are eating our supper now.

I am sure most Canadians would agree that this is a tough time of year for all of us. It's extremely cold and these next couple months of winter seem to draaaaaag on!

I thought I would share a video with you today. I saw it a while ago and fell head over heels. If this video does not warm your heart then I don't know what will (wink).

Happy Friday Everyone!

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