Friday, 31 October 2014

Our Halloween

Our Halloween will consist of two Disney princesses, a Halloween obsessed husband who can't stop playing with the fog machine, creepy Halloween music, the dog barking every time the door bell rings and sugar-fueled children (and adults).

We love Halloween and we always go all out at our house. That would explain why we have a front yard full of spooky decorations, a devil/construction dude with a strobe light for eyes sitting on our deck and the creepiest ghost thing you ever saw hanging from the corner of our house. We are those people.

I will never forget the time my oldest (three at the time) went up to a house to trick-or-treat and was given a can of pop (something she was far to young to have).  She came down the stairs and shouted to us that the lady had given her a can of beer. "Wow," my husband said, "we are definitely going back to that house!" (lol)

Happy Halloween Poems

Hope you all have very safe and SPOOKY Halloween.

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