Tuesday, 2 September 2014

TIEKS - Round Two!

Round two, ding, ding, ding......my second pair of Tieks have arrived and I could not be happier!
Tieks Wild Copper
As you may recall, I won a pair of Tieks in a contest.  I went ahead and ordered them but sadly when they arrived on my doorstep from the USA they did not fit, they were much too small.  I originally ordered the sunset stripe design and was told by the Tieks representative that this fabric would not stretch as much as the leather. (click here for pics of first pair)

So...  I sent the sunset stripe's back and after much consideration I decided to try the leather wild copper design in a size larger this time. They fit much better! The wild copper are a bit more snazzier and have a great shine to them. I guess you could say I am like a crow, always drawn to shiny objects (wink).

Anyways, they are amazing! Yes, I love them. I totally get the hype and why people would pay around $200 for a pair and also why Oprah loves them too! They are so light and comfy yet very stylish. The back is non-elastic so they do not dig into your heal and the blue soles give great traction and look oh so cute.

Tieks Wild Copper

Say hello to my new best friends!
Thanks to all the peeps at Tieks!

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