Monday, 22 September 2014

NFL Sunday = MONDAY pizza

It's NFL season which usually means PIZZA time in our house. Papa John's once again has it's NFL high score promotion. Here's how it works, the highest score of the Sunday night football game is the discount you receive off your pizza the following Monday. Example, score 13/46, you would get 46% off of your order.

I am a total sucker for a good deal, ask anyone. When I see the high score for the Sunday game I just can't help myself. Cheap pizza = easy MONDAY supper for my family and I.

My kids only like cheese and pepperoni so for around ten bucks we get a large pepperoni pizza. (I add a few of my own toppings when we get home). I cut up a few veggies and dip and call it a done deal!  Easy peasey, just what I need on a MONDAY!
So next time you have a case of the MONDAY's remember the Papa John's deal. BTW, you must order online, I guess that is the catch. Super easy to do though....... special code is HIGHSCORE.


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