Thursday, 3 July 2014

A Trip to the Little Red Island aka PEI

My family and I decided to embark on a much needed mini vacation last weekend. Close friends of ours live in Prince Edward Island and with the projection of sunny skies we thought it would be the perfect weekend to visit. The weather was sunny and warm and the beach was stunning.  I don't think we could have picked a more perfect weekend if we tried!

Here are some pictures from our PEI adventure. It truly is a magical place set among red fields, rolling hills, wild flowers and some of the best red sandy beaches encompassed by the beautiful Atlantic ocean.

Going across confederation bridge to the Island.

PEI potato fields

Love these red dirt roads lined with wild flowers.

My handsome husband/chauffeur! (ha)

Our home away from home (wink)

This is the walkway to the Beach (Lakeside). The kids had a ball building sandcastles and playing in the waves.  At one point we looked out into the distance and saw two porpoises (aka dolphins) swimming. Super cool!

 One evening we drove out to Brackley beach to indulge in some gourmet seafood take-out. The take- out is called Richards and people line for 30-40 minutes (at times) to indulge in the Atlantic Ocean's finest catch of the day. My husband got the Lobster roll and I got the Fish.  Both were very good and served with a side of fancy coleslaw, gourmet dill tarter sauce and fresh cut fries. YUM! 

Another fantastic place to eat is the "Water's Edge" in Charlottetown. It has a newly designed patio by the harbor front with fantastic food, staff and management.

Our days were spent on the red sandy banks of Lakeside beach and our nights roasting marshmallows with the picturesque view of the water in the background. 
One word "breathtaking"!
I don't think I could ever tire of these gorgeous sunsets. A huge special thanks to our dear friends for being so hospitable and for welcoming us all into your home.

We miss you and that stunning view already!

P.S.  We will be back for sure!



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    1. Sweet blog Antonella, great photos! Will add you on next time.
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  2. I loved this post! Especially the lovely pictures :)

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    1. Thank you Michelle, I really appreciate your comment!

  3. Lovely photos! PEI really does look beautiful.

    Ray | Obey Ray

    1. Thanks Raizel! The pictures don't even do it justice, it's gorgeous! Thanks for your comment!