Thursday, 8 May 2014

Makeup Organizer

Well dust off the shelf and make way for a new, wonderful, organization gadget doo hickey!

Over the past few months my obsession with Sephora has sent my makeup drawer into a bit of a whirl wind. 

My mornings tend to be a bit hectic with my 3, and 5 year old, so getting out the door to work on time can be a bit of challenge.  I try to get ready as fast as possible, but I have a hard time finding certain cosmetics and brushes etc.  I end up digging through my "dysfunctional"  make-up drawer with much frustration, shaving precious time off my already "later than it should be" morning.
What a mess, yikes!
makeup organizerAs you can see by the picture above, there is not very much "order" to the drawer. I tried separating things but after a few days it seemed to be all mixed up again.

There has to be an easier way!!!

So... a trip to the "Bed Bath and Beyond" store was my plan for today.  I found the perfect little cosmetic organizer that can sit on top of my vanity.  The organizer name is the "Deluxe 3 drawer cosmetic organizer set by Richards priced at $24.99.  I love it, it looks very chic and fits my space perfectly.

It's actually two pieces. The top piece can be used separately if you really want to. The three drawers are very cute and can hold quite a bit of stuff.  See picture below.

I think this will definitely make life easier, and I probably will end up using things I forget about because they were stuck at the bottom of the drawer.  I also love the thought of "displaying" some of the more expensive products I own.

What does this leave me with???? Well ......quite possibly a whole new drawer to fill, ha ha.  Hello Sephora!

How do you keep it all organized???


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