Monday, 19 May 2014

Confessions of a "Neat Freak".

My friends and family are well aware that I am the "queen of clean".  What can I say... I like a clean, tidy, and organized house.The lingering smell of cleaners is like a "cool breeze on a hot day", for me.

The truth is I actually really do like cleaning and organizing.  It gives me great satisfaction and comfort. A messy closet or cupboard just begs for my decluttering attention, and a sink full of dishes just screams for me to wash them.  Now I know this probably border's on slight obsessive compulsiveness, but I just feel better and in-control when things are uncluttered and orderly.

Now that the buds are out on the trees, it gives me a pretty good reason to do some "spring cleaning" and organizing around the house. This time of year I always look forward to opening up the windows, turning up the music, and washing away winter's impressions.

Spring cleaning also means purging around our house. I swear the toys seem to multiply over night.  I go through the toys when the girls are not looking, otherwise parting can bring such sorrow. Funny how a toy they have not played with in months suddenly becomes their favorite toy as soon as you go to give it away. As for the rest of house, if I have not used it in the last year, and we do not have great plans for it in the future, it's good as gone. 

Look out all you dust bunnies and un-used things in our home, pack up cause it's moving out time! Queen of clean is on a mission!

Do you "Spring Clean"?

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