Friday, 21 November 2014

Dear H&M

I recently visited your store which is nothing out of the usual, I love the selection, prices and styles. I am a huge fan of H&M clothing don't get me wrong but... one really important thing was missing and is actually always missing when I go there, CUSTOMER SERVICE. Yes, finally off my chest. H&M has some of the worst customer service I have ever experienced!

I walk into the store and am not greeted, but rather avoided. If I do happen to see an employee they seem to make every effort not to make eye contact with me at all. I think I would  fall over if someone in H&M actually asked if I needed any help.

A few nights ago I grabbed a few things to try on and happily made my way to the change room. I stood there for a few minutes hoping someone would come along to take me into a change room. I obviously wanted to try things on but I did not see a soul. After a few minutes I decided to go in by myself. Once in the change room I tried on my items. One item was a bit small but I really liked it and wanted to try it in a bigger size. I stuck my head out of the change room hoping to get another size but again could not find anyone to help me. So...... what did I do?  I got all dressed, grabbed my bags and went all the way out to the store to get a larger size and came back to the deserted change room again. Still no one even batted an eye at me. What the ****!

I really don't get it, why is the service so terrible? Is service not important to the company? Do you intentionally skip this step in the training process, are you told not to help? Seriously though what is up with the bad service?

Yours truly,

A low maintenance, unappreciated, long-term H&M customer.

Will I continue to shop there? Heck ya, but I just want to know ...... does anyone else notice the lack of service around here?


  1. Yeah, you are right. I also recently went to H&M, and I have to say, they are not the best at making the customer feeling welcome to the store.There were a couple of girls at the changing room though, but while shopping, I noticed that the employees were more busy putting the clothes back on the racks than greeting me, or even smiling at me.

  2. I hate H&M for service, they just don't care whatsoever and never try and reduce queues or make shopping experiences pleasant xx