Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Something about a fall Wedding.....

This past weekend my friend and I traveled out of town to attend a coworkers wedding in Saint John, New Brunswick. I was pretty excited, why you ask.....?  So not only was I escaping from my busy "mommy" role and hanging with my amazing friend but we were traveling to watch the wedding ceremony of someone we both really care about. JACKPOT!  Oh and did I mention how much I love a good ol' wedding. I DO! (Man, I should have been a comedian, lol)

Anyways... so we hopped in the car on that sunny Saturday afternoon and set out for "destination wedding".  And a beautiful wedding it was.

Lots of happy tears, hugs and love for the two handsome grooms. Oh and of course SELFIES!

There was a candy station with all kinds of goodies to fill any sweet tooth. I really liked the chocolate pretzel bark and I think I ate more than my fair share (wink). I will try and find the recipe to share in a future post.

Cake pops were made by the two grooms themselves. I loved the way they had them all set up in the stand, really pretty and extremely tasty. Cake on a stick covered in chocolate, pure genius I tell you.

There is something about a wedding that just makes me feel so happy and fills me with such joy. I enjoy hearing the vows and I enjoy seeing all the emotion and love that surrounds the couple. I also love the excitement and nerves of the moment each one says "I do". There is something about a wedding that just fills my own heart with love.

There is also something about a wedding that makes my head hurt the next day though.....  (wink)
Well the drive back was just as gorgeous as the drive there.  Although sunglasses, nutella with sweet bread sticks and mellow music was a must.
(my friend with the greatest new invention---nutella & GO, and that is what we did)

J&E, wishing you both a life full of love, laughter and lots of happiness!

One wedding down and one more to look forward to in October....

What's your favorite wedding moment?


  1. Ah, the candy station! And those trees are stunning.

    1. I am with you, gotta love a candy station. Thanks for commenting. xx