Thursday, 23 October 2014

Korres Wild Rose Cleanser

I found a new cleanser that I really like! It is the Korres wild rose brightening and refinishing buff cleanser. It contains natural wild rose oil which helps improve the skins radiance and texture. It also contains rice and cherry exfoliating grains that slough away dead skin cells to reveal brighter more youthful skin. It smells great too!
Korres Wild Rose
This is a winner for sure! It is gentle enough to use daily and contains 85% natural ingredients and doesn't contain parabens, mineral oil, ethanolamines or petrolatum and is soap free. This leaves my skin feeling extremely soft and clean and helps to brighten and even out my complexion.
I picked this up while we were away in Cape Breton at Shoppers Drug Mart. I had only seen it at Sephora so I was very surprised to see it here. I scooped it up and it is a good thing I did because I managed to leave my facial cleanser (philosophy), shampoo and conditioner in the hotel shower (boo). I left it in there for my husband to use and then in a mad dash out the door forgot to grab it. Usually I never leave a stone un-turned when I leave a hotel, I always check everything. Korres to the rescue!
Korres - Advanced Brightening Deluxe Wild Rose Trio

I see they have this lovely limited edition Korres "advanced brightening kit" at Sephora for $30! 



  1. Great review! Shame you left the other stuff in the hotel, but at least you've discovered something new. :)

    1. Yes I was pretty bummed but something good did come out of it for sure. Thanks so much for your comment. Take care, xx.