Monday, 8 September 2014

A Trip to the Fair....

I can remember as a kid always looking forward to the fair coming to town. Back to school always seemed to coincide with the fair as well.  I loved the rides and all the delicious treats.  There was an amazing amount of energy and excitement that came with each visit. I still get this wave of excitement as I walk through the gates with my own kids.
This past week we packed up the family and  headed to the fair. The girls are both old enough to enjoy all of the kiddie rides now. When I was a kid my favorite ride was the scrambler. This year I took my oldest on the scrambler for the first time. Yup, we sure got scrambled. I spent the entire ride making sure she would not go flying out. It went a bit faster than I had remembered (wink). It was a fun ride though! She liked it, no doubt!
Besides watching the happy faces of our children on the rides the next best thing to do was EAT!

Every year I look forward to eating at least two DIPPY DOGS. So what is a Dippy Dog?  Well.. a Dippy Dog is the most amazing tasting hot-dog wrapped in the most delicious batter and deep fried. Ya sure your thinking, whats the big deal? It sounds like a Pogo dog. No way! Dippy Dogs do not even come close to tasting like a frozen Pogo dog. These puppies are made on the spot and served pipping hot with your choice of either ketchup, mustard or maple syrup. My favorite is a combination of mustard and syrup, so yummy! I dream about these all year long, no joke, (wink).
Aside from the food and the rides we did take in a laser show.  It was really cool but it lasted a whole eight minutes, not super impressed. My oldest says " is that it?" Luckily the last night made up for the short laser show. They put on a fantastic fireworks display that I have to say.... was spectacular!

 Well until next year........ bye NBEX, (aka FREX).


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