Saturday, 5 July 2014

Summer Dress -peration

Now that Summer is here and in full force you will find me wearing dresses quite frequently. Our summer season in Eastern Canada is so short that I basically jump at any opportunity to wear one.

Here are few sweet summer dresses I found online.

1.   Stripe Cami Maxi Dress - GAP - $49.99
2.   Lace Trim Gauze Sundress - Old Navy -$42.94
3.   Striped Twist Strap Dress- Banana Republic- $134.00
4.   Gemma Geo-Print Wrap Dress-Banana Republic-$124.00
5.   Button Down Flare Dress - Dynamite-$34.90
6.   Embroidered Fit & Flare Dress - Forever 21-$27.80
7.   Minimalist Muse Dress-Forever 21-$23.80
8.   Boho Drop Waist Dress- Forever 21-$18.80
9.   Printed Tube Dress-RW&CO-$129.99
10.  Tropical Print Dress-Bootlegger-$59.99
11.  Printed butterfly dress -Smart Set- $39.00
12.  Black Romper with Spaghetti Straps- Smart Set-$45.00

Most of the websites I pulled these from are now offering great deals on summer wear at 25-40% off. Now is the time to buy summer wear as most stores are getting ready to put fall wear out. (Yuck)

Which dress do you like?


  1. These are all so cute! I definitely wear dresses so much in the summertime too! So comfy but still work appropriate... love #6, 8, and 9!

    Lauren |

    1. Hi Lauren, thanks for you comment. We just got hammered by hurricane Arthur and we are still in recovery.I have not had any internet access or power for four days and it is not expected to be restored for another couple more. I hope to back in "blog" action as soon as things are back to normal.