Tuesday, 15 July 2014

More Light in my Life.

On the weekend my husband and I took the kids out shopping.  We stopped into Target to exchange his Fathers Day gift and guess what we found......?

I seriously don't think I have ever walked out of Target without purchasing something completely off my radar. The key is that I never pay full price (that is my justification, wink). If I really like something I wait because most times it will eventually go on sale.

So I spied with my little eye.... the perfect floor lamp for our living room.  I have a spot next to my love seat that was begging for something. I was not sure if I should get a little end table or plant, but in the end I decided a new lamp would look great. You know me and lights, moth to the fire!

I am really happy with it and I love the design. It also has a dimmer so I can control the amount of light I want. I ended up paying just under $50 for it ($32 off, woohoo).

I also ran into Bouclair for a minute as I knew most of there summer stuff would be on sale by now.  I found this really cool vase that was marked down by 50%. It is made of pressed bamboo so even if it gets bumped off by the kids it should not break into a million pieces. Kid proof! I think it looks great with my chairs.

What do you think?

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