Thursday, 12 June 2014

A Few Summer Essentials

Now that summer is just about here I find myself grabbing these four products on a regular basis. 

Ombrelle - SPF 60 Ultra Fluid Lotion - I am now (unfortunately) seeing the careless effects of the sun from my teens and 20's and I am not taking anymore chances. In the morning, after I cleanse my skin and apply moisturizer I apply this sunscreen all over my face(including lips, under eyes etc.). This is a super thin water-like lotion so it applies very easily and absorbs very quickly into the skin. It is not greasy at all and makeup can be applied right over it. You would not even know it was on. Great product. My little rant --I really hope you are all smart sun seekers, there are so many wonderful self tanners and bronzers out there now, why take the chance? You want to look 40 when your 50, do this!

Laura Mercier - Foundation Primer - Radiance Bronze- I received a deluxe sample of this with my last Sephora order. It is a bit thicker then what I am used to but the effect it gives is a really pretty. It gives you that glowy dewy sun licked skin that we all long for in the summer. I have been mixing this with my bareMinerals primer and I'm really happy with the suttle glowing results.  

Dove - Invigorating Dry Shampoo- Dry shampoos are a must for me in the summer. I prefer to wash my hair every other day although on the "off" days I still like a re-fresh.  I have tried many brands but just picked this one up a couple weeks ago. It definitely works to help put the oomph back in second day hair although it is very fragranced when you spray it. I will say though, that the smell is quite fresh and it does seem to fade away after a little while.  I am not 100% sure if I would purchase this again but for $2.99 (sale) it's great!

The Body Shop - Aloe Lip Care-  I have been applying this to my lips before bed each night. It acts like an overnight treatment. The secret to lipsticks and glosses looking great boils down to the condition of your lips. When I apply this I wake up to baby soft nourished lips. I love this stuff and I can't ever see myself not having this product on my vanity. It feels so soothing almost immediately after applying it as well.

What are your summer essentials? 


  1. Will definitely have to try these now that the sun is killing my skin!


  2. My daily go to is Clinique city block in 40spf. I don't leave home without it

    1. I'd like to try the city block. I heard good things about it and was looking at reviews on it at Sephora (my favorite past time). Thanks so much for your comment. Have a super weekend!