Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Adventures in shoe land ( # 1)

I have been in desperate need of running shoes! It was not until I went shopping last weekend that I was able to find a pair I liked that did not blind me, and that were not ridiculously over priced. I have had cars cheaper, and  80's socks brighter then some of sneakers you can buy these days. 

So... to fill you in, I recently starting running in a effort to become a "healthier" person. I started running as soon as spring arrived even though I did not have the proper footwear. I still made do though, I had some old hiking shoes I picked up 10 years ago that I began my "new" running journey with.  

I have actually surprised myself and am doing quite well. Baby steps though, I am not in any hurry to run a marathon any time soon, or ever.

Anyways back to the shoes, they are made by Nike and are super light and comfy. I picked them up from The Shoe Company @ 30% off. I paid around $72.00. I like that they do not have flashy colors or giant soles ,and that they do not blink or sing etc., ha, ha. And I like that they did not cost a fortune.
 To be honest, I just don't really want to draw attention to myself while I'm running. I prefer to blend in like a cameleon. 

Long story short, I like my simple, black shoes even though I had to weave through all the bright lights to find them. 

 Happy trails ahead!!! Stay tuned for a running "journey" update.


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